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Mailbag: Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Bry D. -

Welcome to the Weekend Mailbag, ya’ll!

Time to find out what’s on Husker Nation’s mind and take on the queries from inquisitive Big Red buffs.


I don’t see how Nebraska stops at 15. To waste the momentum they currently have would be both unwise and criminal. I can see the class ending up with 18 or 19 commitments following attrition, transfers, etc.

I do. It’s obviously still early and a lot can happen between now and September, but I believe Tanner Lee adds a completely new dimension to this offense. I dare say he might be able to help the defense recover from some growing pains as the 3-4 develops during live action.

The only games I see as likely losses for Nebraska are Ohio State and Penn State. Of the two, I’d give Penn State the edge for the most difficult game since the Huskers get the Buckeyes in Lincoln.

3-1 at worst and the only reason I say that is the Badgers have to play BYU in Provo. I don’t know what it is about those Utah teams, but when you play in their house, you’d best come correct. That said, Alex Hornibrook has settled in at the starting quarterback spot and still has tight end Troy Fumagalli to annoy defenses with.

As you might have guessed, the Badgers have a glut of talent at linebacker and the breaker of hearts that is kicker Rafael Gaglianone returns. I’m leaning towards saying that Wisconsin comes into Lincoln undefeated, but I’ll have to see how BYU’s summer and fall works out first.

One of the top questions on every Husker recruitnik’s mind and it will be until June 18. Well, technically some will still wonder/worry one way or another until the papers are signed, but I digress.

As of today, I feel very good about Joshua being a part of this recruiting class. If Jordan is legit about playing college ball with his twin brother, as of this point, I feel it will have to be in Lincoln.

The interesting thing is that he’s put out a video telling Aggieland that he’s all about the Gig ‘Em Lyfe and has made A&M-friendly tweets. There’s been some talk that he will follow his brother in transferring from Yoakum (TX) High School to IMG Academy.

If that happens, I can only see it being a positive for the Huskers as some have said he absolutely wants to stay in Texas. If he bolts the Lone Star State, suddenly that’s all up in the air.

As you probably know (and as I will repeat), things remain fluid in recruiting. However, if I were to prognosticate today, I’d say at least one Moore brother ends up in Lincoln (Joshua).

We’ll find out one way or another come June. In the meantime…

It’s a big get not only because Brown is a fantastic athlete, but you could see the Huskers’ staff double down and really make a run at some of the best talents in the state as a result. We’re talking about guys like Kamryn Babb and Ronnie Perkins. Recruits in that upper echelon talk to each other, vent, etc. If Cam is chatty with other talents like those two, Nebraska could be sitting pretty in Saint Louie.

It’s tempting to say the “Don’t Hinder The Jinder”. However, I don’t think it’s time that he holds one of the Big Belts yet.

Another EIGHT LACES periscope is extremely likely. In fact, I can tell you that I anticipate doing one during the Big Red Weekend similar to last year so you guys can see some drills and maybe Bookie or something.


Remember not that long ago when Taco Bell decided, “Hey, let’s fry up some chicken, use it as a shell and dump chalupa fixin’s in it?” It worked insanely well and much like many of the delicious treats that The Bell bestows upon we puny mortals, it giveth and it taketh away. No quicker could our intestines heal than the new Naked Chicken Chips were introduced.

It’s basically the same chicken as offered before shaped like tortilla chips and served with nacho cheese. If that sounds good, it’s because they really are surprisingly tasty. The chicken is juicy, the breading has some kick and the nacho cheese is the perfect compliment.

At $3.99 for a 12 pack, they’re both surprisingly affordable for what you get and are rather filling. If you’re really looking to get your grub on, you can always get the $5 Box that features a six-piece order, a beef taco, a Doritos Loco Taco and a drink. (ProTip: Like a little more spice? Mix some hot sauce in the cheese.)

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