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Need a Sportswriter?

If you or your organization are looking to hire a sportswriter with extensive experience in Nebraska football and recruiting, consider Brandon Cavanaugh.

Cavanaugh has a background in the digital media industry that includes 13 years of experience with several outlets including:

  • Bleacher Report
  • Athlon Sports
  • FanSided
  • FanRag (Today’s U)

Skills practiced during this time include:

  • Writing op/ed articles
  • Writing analytical/research articles
  • Interviewing coaches/players/recruits
  • Attending and representing various publications in a press box atmosphere including pre-game, game-time and post-game duties such as press conferences
  • Attending and documenting practices
  • Attending weekly press conferences
  • Photography
  • Extensive editing of both personal and others’ work
  • Management of volunteer staff
  • Guest radio co-hosting duties
  • Radio guest spots
  • Podcast guest spots

Thoughts on Cavanaugh’s work from others:

“Prior to my time covering college football for four years at FOX, I ran a national college football blog, in which Brandon Cavanaugh became one of my single biggest confidants and trusted contributors.

Brandon’s detailed knowledge of not only the Nebraska program but the college football landscape as a whole was intricate in helping us serve our audience and cover the sport as well as any blog, anywhere on the internet.

Since both he and I left the site, I have been happy to see Brandon expand his career as a writer for Eight Laces, focusing his coverage primarily on the Nebraska Cornhuskers program. Because of Brandon, Eight Laces has become my go-to outlet for all things Nebraska football and Brandon has become my go-to writer on anything related to the Cornhuskers.

I would not only gladly endorse Brandon as a writer and friend, but I would question anyone who isn’t using Eight Laces and Brandon as their No. 1 source for all things Nebraska.” – Aaron Torres – former senior writer at FOX Sports; best-selling author

“I came to know Brandon the way many people probably did; by interacting with him on social media. It didn’t take very long for me to figure out how passionate Brandon is with the evolving world of online sports content and networks. Before I knew it, Brandon and I were jumping into various experiments with new technology and features in an effort to branch out and try new tools and resources.

Having worked and interacted with Brandon for a few years now, I have found Brandon to be incredibly passionate about his work. Wherever Brandon was creating content, I knew his readers were going to getting something that was both informative and entertaining, because I was always coming away from reading Brandon’s work feeling as though I learned something new or cracking a smile over something he said.

I know when I read something written by Brandon that I am going to get something that has been worked on with a plan and supplemented with the additional anecdotes I may need to get a broader view of what’s happening.

Most importantly to me, I have learned to appreciate and respect the dedication Brandon has to his craft. Whatever he may be doing, he is always trying to bring a unique voice to the table and is never shy about trying something new if it means his audience will benefit from it. In a world with plenty of similar voices trying to say the same thing, Brandon has his own voice that stands out in the crowd.” – Kevin McGuire – NBC Sports; College Football Editor,; College Football Talk contributor; Athlon Sports contributor

“Brandon Cavanaugh knows Nebraska football cold. His writing and analysis, which I had a chance to edit at FanRag Sports when he was NU’s beat writer for the company, conveys total mastery of the subject matter. Yet, that is only a part of Brandon’s formidable array of skills.

When I read a Brandon Cavanaugh article, I get solid, on-the-ground insight informed by reportage. I get astute film-room analysis. I get detailed perspectives on recruiting and administrative intrigues behind the scenes. I get high-stakes assessments of important games and turning-point moments in a team’s season.

I get big-picture awareness of a situation, with details on how the fan base feels about the coaching staff, the athletic department, and the product on the field. I get an integrated sense of what is happening on Saturdays and during the week, in public view and also in more private settings.

Brandon has taken me inside Nebraska football with an expert’s eye and a fun, fresh, literary voice which delivers lively prose. I can’t recommend him strongly enough as a college football writer.” – Matt Zemek, Copy Editor – FanRag Sports

“While coaching at the University of Nebraska, I worked with Brandon on several occasions with nothing but positive results. His overall knowledge, care, and understanding of the matter at hand makes him very easy to work with.” – Keith Williams, Former Wide Receivers Coach – University of Nebraska; Wide Receiver Skills Trainer

If you would like to contact Brandon regarding potential paid employment with an outlet, please use the following contact form.

Thank you.

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