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Nebraska Football Recruiting

Why Nebraska Football’s Class of 2018 Will Easily End Up in the Top 25

The amount of work that Scott Frost’s staff has put in since he was officially named Nebraska football’s head coach is absurd. If Frost could bottle that energy and sell it, he wouldn’t have to be making mad bank as at his alma mater to be a millionaire.

This hard work has translated into one of the best recruiting classes that the Huskers have had in recent years let alone one in the middle of a coaching change. Even better, it’s going to end up being one of the top 20 classes in the country.

Why? Here’s why:

There are a number of factors that go into how a class is ranked and it differs with each recruiting service. I enjoy 247Sports’ Composite Index as it gives an across the board-style metric while trying to minimize human bias as much as actually possible.

Nebraska currently has a 247Sports team score of 211.57 which is good for 24th nationally and 5th in the Big Ten. Between now and National Signing Day Part Deux, it’s a major numbers game.

The Big Red has 19 prospects either signed or committed, so they can afford to be choosy. Frost has parlayed his recent success at UCF to the best of his abilities as evidenced by the quality of recruits coming to play for him. Wide receiver Dominick Watt didn’t even have to see the Lincoln campus before making his pledge. But where does the Big Red go from here?

Expectations are that defensive back Cam’ron Jones will announce his commitment to the Huskers this Saturday. This shouldn’t come as much of a shock considering the work of Frost’s staff and the fact that teammate Corbin Frederick has a place being held for him as a preferred walk-on.

An interesting battle to watch has been Nebraska versus more traditional haunts for Polynesian players when it comes to reeling in athlete Matthew Tago. Originally, Tago appeared to be in the “Would Be Nice to Get, But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up” category. Now, it appears that the Huskers might actually have a rather big, muscly, sharp-toothed dog in the fight.

He’s scheduled to take an official visit to Lincoln this weekend and there’s plenty of talk that if the trip goes well, the Big Red may actually be the team to beat for his services. This should be seen as a significant upset if it happens considering Oregon State, Utah and Washington State all both want Tago and have issued an offer.

Seeing a Polynesian player spurn West Coast teams and any team inside of Utah for a Midwestern locale means an impressive sales pitch. It’d make sense in a way, though. If a Polynesian can’t stay on the West Coast, why not come to the San Diego of the Big Ten?

Another possibility is Norco, Calif. offensive lineman Jarrett Bell. A commitment to Nebraska was anticipated this past Monday evening, but not only did that not happen, Bell could be visiting elsewhere before making up his mind.

With those additions, we’re already looking at a revised score of 220.95 which would put Nebraska at 19th nationally and knock the Terrapins out of the way in the Big Ten standings.

Now, it’s time to get greedy.

Nebraska’s in a dogfight with Ohio State over four-star prospect Javontae Jean-Baptiste. Yes, there’s a legitimate chance that Frost might yank a coveted recruit away from Urban Meyer in year…what would this be, zero?

The pull to head to Columbus is obvious. Chances are that Jean-Baptiste likely plays for a conference title if not a national championship as a member of the roster by the time his eligibility’s up.

However, there’s something to be said about what Frost is building in Lincoln and it helps the Huskers’ cause that the linebacker/defensive end would be staring at the bottom of the depth chart as a Buckeye while it’s open season at Nebraska.

With those additions alone, the Big Red’s score bounces to 224.25 which would give them the 18th-ranked class overall if there’s no other movement. Of course, there will be. That’s just the way the game is played.

It’s highly unlikely that Nebraska stops at 23 recruits. If the Huskers were ever in a position to oversign, now is the time since Frost’s momentum is at a fever pitch that will eventually dip somewhat. Barring something like a conference title in his first year, that is, but it’s probably best to get through spring practice before making those kinds of predictions.

Thanks to a bevy of both quality and quantity, the Big Red realistically cements a final finish in the 15-20 range giving the Huskers their best national ranking since 2011 (16th).

A football program’s goals start with recruiting and a transition class that ranks in the 25 best overall — if not 20th or higher — means Frost and Co. outdid every Big Ten West division foe and all other teams in the conference except Ohio State, Penn State, and Michigan once the final faxes are in.

Big Red backers should be an unholy amount of excited for what can be accomplished over the course of an entire recruiting cycle considering what this new staff has done over an incredibly small amount of time.

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