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Scott Frost Practicing What He Preaches About Nebraska Football’s Future

Greg Thompson/Icon Sportswire

When Scott Frost was officially sworn in as Nebraska football’s new head coach while sitting next to athletic director Bill Moos, he made the foundation of his plans for the program clear: hard work. He said things would be fun, but no doubt as a byproduct of working harder, going above and beyond.

Sure, it’s easy to say you’re going to bust your butt, but when it comes down to it, putting in more effort is all about showing you’re legit. Frost has been doing just that.

Plenty of fans had concerns when plans were made public that Frost and his staff had decided on coaching their former team in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl. The old saying that no one can serve two masters proves true far more often than not. Count this as one of the times that it hasn’t.

Frost found himself leading a UCF practice before high-tailing it across the country to meet with the No. 1 quarterback on his board who would later commit to the cause and sign on the dotted line. In the span of only a few weeks, the new Nebraska football staff managed to retain and sign 12 recruits including some of the top junior college players in the country to help provide immediate experienced depth next season.

A gathering that was thrown together at the last minute would host a swarm of walk-ons. Frost made his way to the event in a state that’s becoming all too familiar to Husker fans. He was absolutely worn out.

During day one of the first ever Division I early signing period, he participated in a teleconference, interviewed with BTN and took a deep breath while shuffling his thoughts before recording a video interview sent out to Nebraska media later in the day.

Criticize the process all you want (hell, I did), but there’s no disputing the results. Frost has been very transparent about how he wants things done from the get-go. He wanted to do right by his old team, to bring those he’s had success with at UCF along with him for the new adventure and to lead by example.

Scott Frost is setting the tone for when it’s time to work with his new charges.

He can say, “I can do it. I just did it and you all saw it. There are no excuses to not push yourselves to the limit and beyond.” Nebraska football has been lacking this mentality for a long time. I’ve used this timetable before, but I don’t think this level of respect and energy has been a part of the program since Frost was the Big Red’s quarterback 20 years ago.

Even taking a wait-and-see approach, what Frost has been able to accomplish thus far is impressive and should be lauded.

Past coaches who would eventually wear the big cheese’s headset on Nebraska’s sideline did not learn from those who had success before them, even if their superiors weren’t wearing scarlet and cream at the time. Frost, on the other hand, appears to have taken extremely detailed notes and that is encouraging.

There will still be the balance of UCF’s Frost and Nebraska’s, but that only extends to mid-afternoon on New Year’s Day. From there, it’s on to signing the best possible transition class and things do look promising in that realm.

It might not be the worst idea to feature a flight chart of the Husker head man’s past few weeks prominently in North Stadium and keep adding to it. Let the miles rack up and be a reminder that there is already a commitment to excellence at the top.

Those who wear the uniform must be ready to do their best to catch up.

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